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Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Job!

So this morning at 11 I had a job interview at Behavior 4 Life, working with children with autism and.... I got the job! I start observing on Monday and I'm not sure how long the training is but I am just so excited to be doing what I love most again! After my interview I went to get my fingerprints done. Then we picked up Bryan's mom and went out to eat at Cheddar's. :) now as I write I am just waking up from a little nap. I wasn't feeling good earlier and now I feel a little worse. I hope I'm not getting sick! Tomorrow I go to San Antonio to watch my brother perform. I'm so excited. :) we are also going to the housing office to turn in some necessary paperwork to get the ball rolling. So many good things happened today and are happening all over to people I care about. I'm so glad to see things looking up for those who thought life would never go right for them. That's all for now! Good night everyone!

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