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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wake Up and Go to Bed

Wow what a day... I was woken up by the guys that were here to work on stuff, or bring us stuff.. I had set my alarm for 8 but for some reason I didnt hear it... The guys got here around 9:30 or so, and from that point on it was go go go. I got up and threw some clothes on... Then I went to pick up Hurley from the kennel and afterwards we ran a few errands. I had to get an oil change, then I had to stop by my new job to fill out a paper for a background check. After that I went to the bank and the post office. Of course Hurley misbehaved like usual. When we got home, the people that brought our furniture had arrived and were bringing stuff in. After they were finished, Bryan and I decided to leave and run some more errands. We ended up spending like 400 dollars. YUCK! Its not cheap to have a house, by any means... Well, we ran errands and ended with grocery shopping. Then when we got home we straightened up a bit and I made us shamrock shakes :) Now I am sitting here writing about my day and I think I will end here and take a bath before cuddling up in my new bed. I hope its comfortable! Nighty Night.

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