Friday, March 18, 2011

Where's the Pause Button???

Just found out terrible news today... Grandma's cancer is back, in her pelvic area. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Not sure what the treatment is going to be, but she will be calling a treatment center in Houston to see if she can be treated there. This just sucks... She's been doing so good eating healthy and taking care of herself. I just hope that whatever treatment she gets, she will someday be cancer free. I just keep thinking about what life would be like without grandma and I get really sad. I dont ever want to lose her. She is one of the most important people in my life. Sometimes I just wish we could hit a pause button and just pause life. But there's no pause button, so we just have to enjoy life while we can, and enjoy those in our lives. Thats why I wish my mom would just realize that life is too short. Too short to hold grudges or care what something on Facebook says... Its all stressful stuff that doesn't have to matter. Oh well... you can only tell someone something so many times. If they dont want to listen, then thats on them. Or if they listen but just disregard it, thats on them too. Well, now I'm just rambling on... Time to go to sleep, hopefully I can sleep good tonight, theres a lot on my mind.

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