Monday, May 9, 2011

11 More Days

Maybe this is why I haven't been able to sleep... My husband leaves in 11 days (roughly) for Iraq... I'm beyond nervous/scared and I am not sure what I will do without him. We've been arguing so much lately and I wish I could take it back. Its hard to face the fact that we're missing out on time we could be spending with each other, because of the arguements we've been having... It sucks. I know that things will get better once this deployment gets started, and even better once he comes home safe to me.
Another reason I probably cant sleep is because of bills... They are sucking every last penny out of us and I cant wait to get a break... I want to be able to do fun things, and buy myself something every once in a while, or buy decorations for the house... But things are SO expensive these days, its like we are basically paying to live... If this goes on for much longer,  I dont know if I WANT to live... Not really but you get the idea...
So yeah, May 20th I have to experience one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through. It will be filled with so many different emotions, but I know in the end I will be stronger from it. I am hoping to get some things accomplished while he is gone... Like FINALLY fitting into my old jeans, and maybe taking some more college classes so I can at least get an AA, finally...
Well, thats all for now. My writing skills are a little rusty these days. I guess thats what happens when you haven't written in a while.

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