Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY Orange Flavored Toddler Toothpaste

 In the process of making all of my homemade beauty products I was looking for a good homemade toothpaste for my toddler. I haven't tried it with her yet but it was very easy to make and I only made a small amount incase she doesnt like it. 

                                                            Toddler Toothpaste

                                               1/3 cup aluminum-free baking soda
                                                             1/6 cup of water
                                                  2-3 TBS of coconut oil softened
                                                  3-4 drops of orange essential oil

 Combine all ingredients in a storage container and mix. Apply a small amount to soft bristle toddler toothbrush and brush toddlers teeth. Safe if swallowed. 


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