Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Praying He Stays Safe

I thought I was feeling better about this whole deployment thing... But now Im not so sure... Bryan told me today where he will be... And what I read about it doesn't sound so good but at the same time what I've heard others say about it is that it isnt that bad there... I really hope that my soldier will stay safe. I dont know what I would do if something were to happen to him. I know that I need to give my worries to God because He already knows what is going to happen and its all in His plan and if Bryan is meant to come home and continue his life with me, then thats what will happen... But if he is meant to sacrifice his life then I just need to accept that... It will be hard but God will always be my comfort. I just pray that it is in Gods plan and Gods will that Bryan will stay safe and come home to me. He means so much to me and I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man. It takes a very strong man to leave his family behind to go to war. I know that when he comes home to me it will be the best feeling ever and our marriage will grow so much from the distance we will have to endure. I just PRAY that he knows how much I love, honor, support and admire him... He is just an amazing person and I feel that I took him for granted a little while he was still here with me. It is just a reminder of how I need to treat him when he comes home...
This is not for the weak... I am trying not to be a weak person but its hard... I just need to try and be strong. Its silly to say, but I think when I get my Survival Strap bracelet, it will be a better reminder to myself of just how strong I need to be for my soldier... It also helps to write my thoughts down on here, even if I do start rambling a little...
Well it is 2:22 here and I should probably get some rest... I am exhausted.

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